Since opening its headquarters in New Jersey and a satellite office in California, EthoSwitch has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of reliable rugged industrial networking solutions. EthoSwitch has gained a world-wide reputation for offering reliable, rugged, and durable products with a 30-day money back guarantee and 5-year replacement warranty. Our products were created for customers who want high quality reliable products at low prices. EthoSwitch is structured in two different divisions: one with products made in the USA and Taiwan; the second, with products that are manufactured in China. Although, all our products are designed to operate in critical applications, products made in China are offered at a much lower prices for customers looking for the same reliability with cost savings. All our products have the country of origin clearly specified.

Rugged Reliable

EthoSwitch specializes in high-quality reliable industrial network products and solutions. We offer industrial unmanaged and managed ethernet switches, SFPs, serial servers, media converters, fiber optic converters, and other fiber optic products. We also offer product application technical support by experienced engineers as well. Our products are typically designed with hardened steel cases, very low insertion and reflective signal loss for signal integrity and more testing validation than just the required testing and certifications that are offered from other companies. Nevertheless, Ethoswitch offers high-quality networking products at a competitive price, to fit all our potential customer requirements. All our products are guaranteed to perform exceptionally, and reliably, even in the most critical applications, and are backed by a 5-year replacement warranty.

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Our Mission

EthoSwitch provides the highest quality Information Technology (IT) related products and services at cost-effective prices. We assist our customers and resellers in identifying the products, they need based on the application-specific requirements. We are continually improving our ability to serve our customers by enhancing customer satisfaction and satisfying the applicable customer requirements by offering comprehensive one-stop solutions.


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