Industrial SFP Modules

EthoSwitch is a leading manufacturer and distributor of world-class reliable industrial generic DMMI SFP Modules in both duplex and BIDI configurations. We offer 30-day risk-free money back guarantee and a 5-year replacement warranty. We presently offer OM3 and OM4 fiber optic patch cables in simplex and duplex configurations.

Since 2012, EthoSwitch has gained a reputation of offering reliable, rugged and durable, yet inexpensive, data communication products which are guaranteed to perform reliably. We place our reliable products in all industries including homes, factories, plants, schools, marine, laboratories, the military, broadcasting, and LAN and WAN networks to name a few. We have honored our policies, guarantees, and warranties to our customers from day one and will continue to do so in the future. EthoSwitch is expanding rapidly our product-line offered for sale. We will continue to offer our high-quality products at affordable prices with exceptional customer satisfaction.

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Industrial SFP Modules - DMMI Duplex More Details
Industrial SFP Modules - DMMI BIDI More Details
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